Monday, March 24, 2008

My Grandma is AMAZING

My Grandma (the whole family calls her Narny) has ALWAYS been my mentor when it comes to the craft. She taught me to cross stich and paint and is the one person in my family who truly knows what my creations are all about. She is the kindest soul and spends most of her time raising three of her seventeen grandkids, as her daughter is mentally ill. About 8 weeks ago she went to her doctor for her local checkup and abnormalities were found on her liver. After further investigation it was found that she has numerous tumors over her liver and they have extended to her lungs. She was given 2-3 months to live.

I still dont think that it has sunk in with me yet. (Im dealing with another termially ill family member on the other side of the family!- so its all still very unreal at this point) So I wanted to share with you one of her paintings that she created for me. She is amazing and it brings me to tears to think that someday soon that her talent will leave this world forever. I hope that my creativeness will be passed onto my children and that I can continue the craft within the family.

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