Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hello again..

These are some candles I hand stamped for the ladies at work. They are really so simple and easy to do.

You can also tell I love the ' Like it a Latte' stamp set which is funny because I bought this one and then regretted it thinking I should have gotten a different set...funny huh? I guess it was meant to be becuase i really LOVE this set and have so many more ideas for cards.
I used liquid applicae for the 'foam' and 'marshmellows'



I am a terrible blogger I know! But its the silly season and I have been so busy trying to get everything ready for christmas plus it was Hannah's 3rd birthday on Monday (OMG- I cannot believe its been 3 years!) so I had that to organise as well.
PLUS- I held my first workshop which went off swimmingly!

So okay- I have managed to squeeze in some stamping time! You know me (mostly at midnight!) but I have loved these new sets which I got. You can easily see Mr Crabby is my favourite.
I made 40 (COUNT em! 40 and envelopes!!!) of the crabby christmas cards...and I still love him!

Hope you enjoy my creations I will attempt to be a more regular blogger in the new year!

A big shout out to Lana and Julie who have hung in there and Im sure are the only ones who follow my Blog! Love your work ladies and thank you for your lovely comments!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

Just some random dablings I have been trying out the last couple of nights.
My VERY FIRST workshop is next Monday Night so I am busy trying to get everything ready!

feedback would be awesome- any suggestions anyone?......help!

grins and giggles

Look what i got in the mail!!! WEEEE!

I ordered some more stuff from Stampin' Up!

I seriously used every last bit of cardstock I had ordered before! -so now I can go ahead and create some more!


Curls are all gone..

Hello ladies!

LOOOONG time I know. But I have had like a million things happening and so have been soo busy I have hardly had time to breathe!

Look at Hannah! She is such a grown up now! I adored her curly hair but she HATED me washing or brushing it! And because it was so curly it would get knotty very quickly. Sooo I decided (huge decision=lots of tears!) to get it cut for summer. I was really worried that she would get upset but she was kept pestering me about going to the hairdresser I finally had to give into my fear and take her.
She loves it! (although not really showing it in this photo! hehe) She keeps asking when she can go back to the hairdresser! ....not for a while honey!
LUCKILY- the curls have already started to come back! :)

(sorry about the photo quality)