Friday, October 31, 2008

dadadadada DA...dadadadada Da!
La na's Giv'n 'way Blog CandY!
La na's Giv'n 'way Blog CandY!
dadadadada Da...
(ehm..that was to the cha cha beat! It sounded good in my head! hehe)

Check out her Blog!


Sunday, October 26, 2008


my last project for the day- i'll try and find the link to the template..stay posted!


another project..

here is the link to the youtube tutorial- chicknscratch is totally awesome as well!

...another of my 'projects' today.
Here's the link to Dawns youtube tutorial- I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!

check it out..

Hello all,

Dan went to the warick rodeo this weekend so me and Hannah had a cretive weekend!

This is what I came up with!

You like?
Here is the link of the template for the boxes!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Hello again!

I have seen stamping on candles for a while now and never knew how to do it!
Guess what?? It is soooo easy its not funny! Guess what everyone is getting for christmas now? hehehe..

SO you wanna know how?

Stamp on white TISSUE paper. Cut put the images. Heat the candle with your heat gun. Stick down the tissue paper. Reheat and smooth over edges!
It is honetly that simple!

Here's a couple that I did.
I am trialling using 'large' photos as well- hope they come out okay!

For the christmas candle I stamped the image of the christmas lights on in stazon black ink then just used my colouring pencils to add the colour. I attached the image and waiting until the wax had dried before I added the glitter over the top....i may have gone overboard on the glitter buy hey! Tis the season to be ...overly excessive on the sparkle!

For the flower candle I stamped using the different colour ink in Stampin Up's earth tones, I then cut each flower out individually and melted them on. I made this one first and found that the finshed product's surface is less even because there is lots of melting and drying in a close space. I think it would have been much better to stamp my pattern onto the tissue paper and then just melt the whole piece on rather than each indivudual flower.
I made a postcard to go with this candle as well.

Note; This really is a simple/stunning and very unique gift...and cheap! I got a pack of 4 pillar candles from spotlight for $10!
You could make a gift pack with a candle, giftcard holder and chocolate box (see posts below) all together! A personalised gift for under $15. SWEET!

Hope you are all getting some good ideas for christmas!

another cute design


Just another cute design I found and HAD to try out!
These are gift card holders and are super super easy to make!

Hope you like

Saturday, October 18, 2008

just a quick one..

just quickly before i head to bed...
Ohhh! and HOW CUTE IS THIS STAMP SET!! I found it in a bargin bin at spotlight. The top of the packaging was ripped but i think its a frenchville stamp set!
I stamped them and coloured them in using the stampin up! ink spots..

I cant WAIT to use them on a card!!


night night


My mum saw a box template I was playing with and asked me to make a couple of the teachers at my step sisters kindy..

Hope you like..
I'm still playing on the template measurements (each of these boxes fits slightly differently into the cover bit) I'll post the measurements when I finalise it.
I stamped the tag on the front so I decided to make an extra tag to put inside so my mum could write a personalised message..

You could put chocolates or biscuits in these boxed or you could even make one for a childs birthday and put textas or pencils in it!

what do you think?

(The boxes fit a whole packet of mini snickers/mars/milky ways..)

(It DID fit a whole packet of snickers! :)

Pack of Cards


If you have been following my blog for a while you will notice that the DCWV- Retro paper pack is one of my very faves and I wanted to make a series of cards which where all the same is 'sketch' but a little bit different.
I also found a pattern on Dawns youtube account (check out my inspirations to find her blog) I made the card holder below with her dimensions but I found that they really only held 4 cards and I wanted it to hold 6. So I have created a 'template' for a new holder which has a couple of gussetts scored in it so it will hold more cards. I'll post a photo once its completed.

I have actually had a customer request 3 of these! wowez thats alot of cards!

what do you think?..sorry the photos are a little out of order.


front cover

my collection of cards (i made 5 with the intention to make 6 but they wouldnt fit so i only made 5!)

Inside the card holder.

lookey lookey here!

Hello hello!
I am still here and guess what! I got my new battery charger for my camera woohoo!...having said that I also found the old battery charger! hehe isnt that always the way!!

SO okay..I have heaps to share because I have been busy busy with my stamping.
I have wanted to try a pop up card for ages and could never find the pattern, well I did and here is my take on the card..


- Cut at 10.9cm x 28cm
- Score @ 2.6/7/9.5/14cm theb flip the card so the 14cm is still in the middle and score again at 2.6/7/9.5
- On the 14cm score line, cut a slit in along the score line measuring the width of your 'pop up' (this will change from card to card)
- Fold all your score lines
- On the 2.6cm end adhere double sided tape
- Cut your 'pop up' and slide it through your slit in the middle
- Turn your card over and adhere the bottom of your 'pop up' to ONE of the 2.6cm flaps.
- Fold this flap in towards the card and you'll see the 'pop up' move up through the card
- Take the other flap and line it up with the first (make sure it too is folded IN towards the card) and adhere together
(i always test it first before I take the backing tape of the second flap- this way you can test that you have lined them up correctly)
- Fold the card flat and pop it up a couple of times to make sure it moves smoothly
- Adhere your 'pop up' to the front of the card when it is flat.

This card will fit into a normal sized envelope so will post really easily.
Note- any back ground stamping/writing you want to do on the actually card base needs to be done before you ahere your pop up.

Hope you like..

Thursday, October 9, 2008

where am I?

Hello Ladies,

I am around! I have (stupidly) misplaced my camera charger!
I have been creating like crazy but cant take any piccies :(
There is a new charger on order so hopefully it wont be too long now!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Thank You Julie!

Look what I got! - Another Award!! Thank you so much julie it means so much to know that others are inspired by my work :)
I will be passing this on asap...look out ladies!