Sunday, August 31, 2008

Later than usual!

I'm totally going to make this one quick! Its 2 am!
Here are a couple of cards I made tonight. I actually made the first card pictured with the left overs from the second card pictured. And the Black and pink - well I just wanted to do something different.
Hope you like! Let me know if you have any questions :)


Friday, August 29, 2008

Snakes ALIVE!

I rushed out and bought some snakes alive to fill my thank you box with.
YUMMY! I am SO doing these for christmas!
Doesnt this look great? I would have taken more than one photo but the snakes were gone before the flash reset! hehehe.....*awww....tummy ache!**

Hannahs in bed and Dans away for the weekend so I am about to sit down and do some stamping...ah and look at that- 10.05pm...looks like its going to be another midnight stampathon.



I think I need help.
Yet ANOTHER night blogging at midnight!
Seriously! Why is it that I am most inspired at this time of night?
The quite?
Worries of the day gone?
Nothing left to do so nothing left to busy myself with?

Who knows. It is a tad annoying though. I seem to be hounded by the dreaded clock ticking away almost groaning at me that I have to be at work in 7 hours!

literaly dragging myself away from the computer...

night night

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ive been busy again!

I had the day off work today and got to spend the WHOLE day with my baby! We watched a million episodes of 'Dora the Explorer'. I cannot believe me 2.5year old can speak spanish! hehe While she was asleep I dived right into my Stampin Up! stuff. I am having so much fun with all of this! I am loving all these colours and being able to match everything up!

I spotted this box on splitcoast stampers a while ago but couldnt find the template for it! WELL I stumbled upon it today as a PDF file. (You know me- I'm hopeless with remembering where things come from! I did save the PDF file to my computer though so if anyone wants the template let me know and I'll email you!)

I have been trying to get some ideas for christmas. I usually try and do something each year but my Nana (who recently passed away) always gave something usually handpainted to EVERYONE in our family. So with her passing I guess the torch is passed to me to keep up the tradition. I like the idea of these acertate boxes! It was relatively simply and I think it will be quite quick to recreate 'on mass'. Cant you just see these filled with caramels or jaffas or some sort of candy! Yummy!!

GOD knows why, but I actually have like 100 pages of acertate lying around (have no idea where I got it from its obviously been there that long!! :)
Here's the receipe;

Stampin Up! Cardstock - Real Red
Stampin Up! Carstock - Wild Wysabi
Stampin Up! scallop punch & 1 3/8" circle punch
Stampin Up! stamp set- Tart & Tangy (cherry)/ Short and Sweet (thank you)
Ribbon - Frenchville

NOTE- the one thing I will mention with this is, because you are using acertate pretty much any of the adhesives I tried showed on the back flap. Maybe you could try a corner piece to hide it? But really when its filled you wont see it anyway. Depends on your preference.

Hope you like.

Top View

View from the side

View from the Front

Monday, August 25, 2008

okay- just one more!

OK...its time for sure to go to bed.
You can always tell when 'that' times comes when your creativness starts to umm...dwindle.
I had big plans for this card, I was excited, had the perfect colours, and perfect ribbon and ahem..well as I was 'creating' I guess I was falling asleep because;
1/ I used the wrong yellow!
2/ I completely forgot about the ribbon I had and used red rope instead
3/ I punched (NOT inline) with my hole punch instead of my paperpiercer for the rope to thread through the top!

...okay so I dont think it turned out too bad right? I always think when I make a card like this one that even if I dont really like it. Some one will! :):):)

yeah so umm...ME. BED. SLEEP. NOW!


Once again- Midnight Crafting..

Hello all!

I made another box (I love these!). I made this one with my 6year old step daughter in mind. I wanted to include pink, glitter, flowers and butterflys. Im not sure how I feel about the harshness of the black. Maybe its too much? Its one of those pieces which doesnt quite sit right with me yet.

Stampin Up! cardstock- Pixie Pink/Orchid Opulance
Stampin Up! stamp sets- Celebrate Everything/Short & Sweet
Stampin UP! Punch- scallop punch, 1 3/4" punch
General- Giant brad, rub ons, black dimensional magic, pink kindy glitz.

I seriously need to sleep! But I just cant stop playing with my new Stampin Up! stuff!!! And my list for my next order just keeps getting bigger and bigger! :)
Hope you like!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Whoo loves U?

side view with ribbon
close up of Stampin Up! stamps
Full view of the lid
Hello all,

I found the template for this box on a website..I cant remember where..sorry!
But I thought I would try it out!

The measurments are;
Base- 7" by 7" scored at 1 3/4" on everyside.
Lid- 5" by 5" scored at 11/16 on everyside
(okay- so in OZ we use cm/meters not inches! So I kinda had to just wing it a little bit and the lid actually is a bit bigger than it should be but I'll modify it next time!)

I thought I best try it out before I put all the effort into making something then when I went to put it together it didnt work- so I made a plain blue box first and like I said, other than the lid being a bit big I loved how it turned out!
So I decided to make the 'Whoo Loves U?".

Hope you like- feel free to ask any questions I'll do my best to answer.

Receipe- "Whoo Loves U?"
Stampin Up! carstock- Old Olive
Stampin Up! cardstock- purley pomegranate
Stampin Up! ribbon- certainly celery
Love Elsie- Riley rub ons/ alpha stickers
Stampin Up!- Celebrate Everything stamp set (owl)
Stampin Up! Scallop Punch (used for leaves)
Hand cut the branch and inked with Stampin Up! Whisper White.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Perfect Bow!

Now those of you who use ribbon on your cards/scrapbook pages know that we are all searching for that 'Perfect Bow' and the fool proof never fail way that we can re create that perfect bow in whatever ribbon/fibers you may have handy at the time...and we all know that more often than not the bow is not quite as Perfect as we had hoped.
Well- Im not making any claim to fame and I certainly dont have the 'fool proof, never fail way' to make a perfect bow everytime (in fact most of mine are just shockers!) but i guess that is what makes this one so special!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bow. And honestly I wanted to show those out there who (dicracefully like me) get frustrated and sook when the bow doesnt work, that every once in a while THEY DO WORK! :)

So hang in there all you bow tiers and never stop reaching for that allusive Perfect Bow! If you have a photo of your perfect bow I would love to see!
ciao for now....why is it that it always seems to be close to midnight when I get onto this thing!! One day I'll scrap or make a card during daylight hours! One day!!

Aloha all!
Even though Im still feeling really unwell I have been surfing around the net and found some amazing inspriation these last couple of days. I just havent had the energy to actually do anything. Honestly sometimes I get just as much joy looking at everyones work that I 'forget' to do my own!! And when I do get down to business I feel like I have been away for ages and have so many ideas swirling its hard to stick to just one. This normally results in my attempt at a card turning to poo and then my returning to the net for further inspriation!
So we'll see how we'll go this time!

I have been an avid watcher of Kristina's MACM (she has some wonderful talent and makes it all look so easy! You can find 'Make A Card Monday' here there are heaps to choose from!) Anyway i stumbled across a couple of other You Tube channels which have 'similar' videos and also heaps of inspriation. Dawn's are fab and she mostly concentrates on Stampin Up! which I LOVE at the moment! (you can find her here SO...there is a point.. I watched her 'Sour Cream Container -Tutorial' and OMG!!! HOW CUTE IS THIS!!
So it was the inspriation I needed. I jumped off the net (shock horror!) and made this thing in like 20secs flat! I have this idea now of making HEAPS for christmas time etc..Jump onto her you tube and check it out. It really was SO easy and took no time at all.

what do you think?

Jenn xxx

Monday, August 18, 2008

Stampin Up!

I am trialling some of Stampin Up!'s products as I am looking to become a demonstrator. So I have been playing hard for the last week trying to start on collection of cards to showcase and basically just to see if I am good enough to become a demonstrator.

SO..your feedback would really be appreciated as it will help me make up my mind! :)

Also...if anyone out there is from the BRISBANE (Australia) are let me know. I was thinking that I would love to maybe get together a club/group meeting to share ideas etc as there arent any on the bayside of town (that I have found anyway!).

What do you think?

OH- and does anyone have any tips on how to stop the 'blotching' when inking your stamps? The smaller stamps are fine but the bigger stamps all seem to come out blotchy..can anyone help? I couldnt find anything in the 'tips and tricks' booklet.


Hello Ladies!

Im BACK and bouncing off the walls with happiness!
I have finally got my new internet connection happening (PRAISE THE LORD!) and I thought 'what the heck' and I went and bought a new computer :)
sexy huh?...
I used to have a laptop so going from my .5"(?!) screen to 19" screen is HEAVEN! I see so many new colours and bad my previous photos actually are!!
So armed with my new camera and new computer Im hoping that my posts will be brighter, bigger and better and uh..more frequent then ever before :)
LOVELY to be back!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Why I'm MIA..

Hello all,

Sorry I have been MIA- I have had some MAJOR internet problems which has allowed me like 2 seconds of connection each day! I'm going insane!!!

ANYway- before it kicks me off again and HUGE shout out to Lana for my award...thank you soo much lovely! I'll pass on the goodwill when its all back up and running again.

HEAPS of news and photos to share...

see you all soon.