Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm a STAMPIN UP! Demonstrator!!!!!!

I am sooo excited and you will see heaps more from me soon :)

smooches and MASSIVE Grins!

(Thank you Kim!- my upline- you are awesome and have inspired me completely!)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random daily..

How beautiful is my baby..another photo from the wedding. And look at those curls! ...and guess what! Hannah had her first hair cut this arvo...all those beautiful curls gone :( I am now a little sorry that I got her hair cut BUT she hates me brushing it and it was getting way to long. This was for summer it will be short and HOPEFULLY those georgous curls will grow back!......wont they? (I'll post piccies soon!)

Is it just me or every mum which experiences that feeling in the depth of your heart?.. When you look at your child and realise you created them, taught them to be who they are....sometimes I am so overcome with pride I can hardly life began when hers did...I couldnt imagine my life without her..


I FINALLY sent off my application to become a Stampin Up! Demonstrator!

Whooo! Hooo!!!!!!

I have been waiting for this for seriously like 6months!
I cannot wait!!

Oh- and i got ALL my christmas shopping done tonight. BAM! In one hit. I spent way WAY too much money but I got all the gifts I was wanting to.
Now I just have to wrap!

I love christmas!!

How was your day?

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I LOVE getting my ideas for cards from the net. I normally look at the actual layout. How many colours/shapes there are, maybe the theme? Well my cards always have my own twist and honestly almost always dont actually end up looking like the inspiration (which is probably a good thing). Well this one was cased from Kristina ( who is totally amazing! And through my hundreds of archived 'cards for inspiration' I can ALWAYS pick which ones are hers. She is incredible.
Anyways... the first card is her creation and the second card is mine.
Mine is no where near is good but I am still happy with how it came out!

Cudos to Kristina. Another awesome design.

OOhh.and I am LOVING the new blog design!!


I thought my bog needed a bit of a pep up!
what do you think?


Wednesday, November 5, 2008 you have seen me go CRAZY making these cute boxes and I have altered the template just slightly for this box and I added a window!
How cool do this look? I put accetate plastic over the back so that whatever you put in the box does fall out! The other thing I modified was the ribbon. Instead of it wrapping around the topper to hold the box together, I punched a couple of holes and threaded the ribbon through the top. neat huh?

The only thing with this design is that you can sorta see the inside of the back of the box which has two patterns from the paper on could maybe cover that part with a plain piece of cardstock but I think once you have the box filled you wont notice so much...i hope!

All I used for each box was ONE piece of 12x12 designer series paper from Stampin up!(summer picnic-how sweet are they?) The tinest bit of cardstock to back the tag and about 30cm of ribbon!

I have actually made a tutorial (my very first one! exciting!) on how to make the normal boxes but I think its too long because it wont seem to upload properly. It keeps stopping about halfway through..
Does anyone know of a good computer programe that allows you to edit home movies? (preferrably free! hehehe..)I think I just need to speed up the boring parts of the vid to make it fit...anyhoo- if anyone knows of a programe please let me know!

If i cant get the video to work- I'll make another box and take still shots. Either way there will be a Tute on how to make these boxes..eventually!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Well Talk about BUSY!

Im working on these goodie bags (well..boxes) for Hannah's third birthday party MY GOD- WHERE DID THE TIME GO? It seems like an hour ago I was watching in disbelief, as that little line turn blue!..*sigh*...anyway...

Her birthday is actually 3 days before christmas and I have always made it a point to make sure her birthday is celebrated seperatly from chirstmas, so we are having her birthday party in the first week of December.
I know I know..ages away! BUT..this is only half of the boxes done!

We have one of those familys which extends and extends and extends.. Everyone has kids and we have all grown up together and celebrated everything together SO..we have like 60 people (all of which are Family and very close friends) coming for a BBQ Birthday celebration. Im really excited..we are going to get a barnyard travelling farm! Hannah is going to flip! ..and the other 30 kids are going to be kept occupied! (Good thinkin 99!) the boxes.. I got the template from Becky Roberts (it is SO worth the money, she has done an awesome job of the tutorial! check it out..
I wanted something that i could mass produce relatively easy but that was also personalised. I almost passed out from using the 'stazon' ink with the names! hehe but other than that they were quite easy to make.
I havent used cardstock, only double ply paper and so I hope they will hold up when there is actually lollies in them!

Sorry about all the photos but i think they look awesome together!
The last photo I just chucked some choccies in so you get the idea, I dont think the kids would appreciate peppiment and pralene dove choccies! hehehe..

What do you think?

Smile for you! :)


Boy of Boy have I been busy!
I LOVE these boxes! They are seriously sooo easy!
I made all of these boxes in only 3 hours!

Im starting to think I have actually forgotten how to make cards! hehehe