Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A day of Sadness..

Well some not so good news today..
My Uncle Jimmy passed away last night after a short but painful fight against cancer. He was only 42 and the middle brother of 5 boys. My Grandma had the 5 boys in only 6 years so they are all very close in age and are all larikins with a huge sense of humor.

My father is a year older than him and they were very close. My father has also had his fair share of heath scares. My dad battled cancer when he was only 36, and it was a close call but he pulled through. Just recently he has also undergone open heart surgery and again has pulled through but only just. He is taking the death of his younger brother very hard.

I was born when my father was only 18 so as I was growing up so were my Uncles. Teenage boys reeking havoc on an innocent little girl :). I have very fond memories of spending time with all of them.

Jimmy- your kind soul and gentle nature will be missing in our lives. Our family get togethers will never be the same. Rest with Grandpa and watch over our family. We..I love you.

..A card I made for my Grandma..

Jenn x

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