Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hiya all,
With all that has happened over the past few months I dont think I have shared with you our two additions to the family!
About 4 months ago Dan and I decided to add a pup to our family. We chose a little boy. HOWEVER...when Dan went down to collect him...well I guess those little brown eyes bore a whole in his heart. She was the last in the litter and he just couldnt leave her all he comes home with a 'surprise'...TWO PUPPIES!! Brother and Sister.
OH lord help me! But those eyes..and those little tails...and the way they fall asleep on top of each other all snuggled and could you seperate them?

The result- we have two pups now. Other than double the doo doo and lil puddles I have to admit that it has actually has had its pro's. They keep each other company at night play with each other learn from each other..its actually cute.

SO..introducing ANGUS (white) and DAISY (brown)...we got them when they were 7 weeks old and they are now 15 weeks (its gone quickly!)
I love these photos! Sorry if they arent so clear...i didnt have my new camera when I took them!



MeandLilG said...

Hi there! Was just hopping about and came across your blog - a fellow card-maker and puppy-lover!!! Great blog and great creations!

Nice to meet you! Be back soon xx

Lana said...

Jenn I can see why you couldn't resist!
They are both soooooooooo adorable & CUTE, CUTE & CUTE!
Lana x

Lana said...

Hi Jenn, Look on my blog as I have something for you!
Lana x