Monday, October 20, 2008

Hello again!

I have seen stamping on candles for a while now and never knew how to do it!
Guess what?? It is soooo easy its not funny! Guess what everyone is getting for christmas now? hehehe..

SO you wanna know how?

Stamp on white TISSUE paper. Cut put the images. Heat the candle with your heat gun. Stick down the tissue paper. Reheat and smooth over edges!
It is honetly that simple!

Here's a couple that I did.
I am trialling using 'large' photos as well- hope they come out okay!

For the christmas candle I stamped the image of the christmas lights on in stazon black ink then just used my colouring pencils to add the colour. I attached the image and waiting until the wax had dried before I added the glitter over the top....i may have gone overboard on the glitter buy hey! Tis the season to be ...overly excessive on the sparkle!

For the flower candle I stamped using the different colour ink in Stampin Up's earth tones, I then cut each flower out individually and melted them on. I made this one first and found that the finshed product's surface is less even because there is lots of melting and drying in a close space. I think it would have been much better to stamp my pattern onto the tissue paper and then just melt the whole piece on rather than each indivudual flower.
I made a postcard to go with this candle as well.

Note; This really is a simple/stunning and very unique gift...and cheap! I got a pack of 4 pillar candles from spotlight for $10!
You could make a gift pack with a candle, giftcard holder and chocolate box (see posts below) all together! A personalised gift for under $15. SWEET!

Hope you are all getting some good ideas for christmas!


Anonymous said...

This post is really nice.

Lana said...

Jen I love making my own candles too!
I must say these are super cute, I especially like the flower one.
Lana x

SBL-Picture coloring said...

Wow! You are a TALENT! They are so adorable! Very cute candles!