Wednesday, November 5, 2008 you have seen me go CRAZY making these cute boxes and I have altered the template just slightly for this box and I added a window!
How cool do this look? I put accetate plastic over the back so that whatever you put in the box does fall out! The other thing I modified was the ribbon. Instead of it wrapping around the topper to hold the box together, I punched a couple of holes and threaded the ribbon through the top. neat huh?

The only thing with this design is that you can sorta see the inside of the back of the box which has two patterns from the paper on could maybe cover that part with a plain piece of cardstock but I think once you have the box filled you wont notice so much...i hope!

All I used for each box was ONE piece of 12x12 designer series paper from Stampin up!(summer picnic-how sweet are they?) The tinest bit of cardstock to back the tag and about 30cm of ribbon!

I have actually made a tutorial (my very first one! exciting!) on how to make the normal boxes but I think its too long because it wont seem to upload properly. It keeps stopping about halfway through..
Does anyone know of a good computer programe that allows you to edit home movies? (preferrably free! hehehe..)I think I just need to speed up the boring parts of the vid to make it fit...anyhoo- if anyone knows of a programe please let me know!

If i cant get the video to work- I'll make another box and take still shots. Either way there will be a Tute on how to make these boxes..eventually!


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Lana said...

Oh my goodness Jenn, these are some of the cutest little goodie bags I have seen!!!!!
You have been so busy and I love them all especially the cherry one!
Lana x