Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random daily..

How beautiful is my baby..another photo from the wedding. And look at those curls! ...and guess what! Hannah had her first hair cut this arvo...all those beautiful curls gone :( I am now a little sorry that I got her hair cut BUT she hates me brushing it and it was getting way to long. This was for summer it will be short and HOPEFULLY those georgous curls will grow back!......wont they? (I'll post piccies soon!)

Is it just me or every mum which experiences that feeling in the depth of your heart?.. When you look at your child and realise you created them, taught them to be who they are....sometimes I am so overcome with pride I can hardly life began when hers did...I couldnt imagine my life without her..


I FINALLY sent off my application to become a Stampin Up! Demonstrator!

Whooo! Hooo!!!!!!

I have been waiting for this for seriously like 6months!
I cannot wait!!

Oh- and i got ALL my christmas shopping done tonight. BAM! In one hit. I spent way WAY too much money but I got all the gifts I was wanting to.
Now I just have to wrap!

I love christmas!!

How was your day?

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Lana said...

OMG Jenn your daughter looks beautiful!!!!!! And those curls well what can I say.............
I know what you mean when you look at your little (or big)creations and you can't really remember our life's without them as though they have always been here with us. They do bring us so much joy and happiness!!
Good Luck with your application and well done for being organised and getting your christmas shopping done!
Lana x