Monday, December 1, 2008

Curls are all gone..

Hello ladies!

LOOOONG time I know. But I have had like a million things happening and so have been soo busy I have hardly had time to breathe!

Look at Hannah! She is such a grown up now! I adored her curly hair but she HATED me washing or brushing it! And because it was so curly it would get knotty very quickly. Sooo I decided (huge decision=lots of tears!) to get it cut for summer. I was really worried that she would get upset but she was kept pestering me about going to the hairdresser I finally had to give into my fear and take her.
She loves it! (although not really showing it in this photo! hehe) She keeps asking when she can go back to the hairdresser! ....not for a while honey!
LUCKILY- the curls have already started to come back! :)

(sorry about the photo quality)


~JulieH~ said...

aw she's a real cutie! Her haircut looks gorgeous I expect it was just mummy upset losing those lovely curls!


Lana said...

Jenn she is just such a cutie pie with or without the curls!!!
Lana x