Sunday, April 20, 2008

Old Friends Around Forever..

Hiya all!

..Dan & Hannah are away on a father/daughter weekend so Im home on my own..So I decided to have a friend over for coffee tonight. I have been friends with Krissy for around 20 years! We went to primrary school together and have been friends all through to highschool, and for years since. We dont often to get spend too much time together as we are both busy but when it do its like old times! Love ya Krissy -thanks for always being there for me! So it's midnight and I dont feel like going to bed yet (I get to sleep in, in the morning so I figure why not stay up!! hehehe)

I thought I'd hop onto the net and post some of my cards! hope you like..leave me a message if you stop by, would love to hear from ya! :)

night night...xJenn

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Enfys said...

Why haven't I seen your work on the cricutMB? I love your style.