Sunday, April 20, 2008

Major CRAFT day!

Hello all,

What an amazing day I have had! I have spent the entire day card making, something that I dont usually get to do! I have a made a few cards..i'll have to post them later cos dan has the camera with him. I will post some of my other cards i have already got photos of. On a completely different note, i am SOOOO excited about the contest I have entered at Bcr8iv's (aka michelle) and even if i dont win, i've gained so much courage. I'll be entering contests left right and center now- you just watch me!

So anyway, I'll add a couple of cards that i have in my stash..

ciao for now.



Enfys said...

These are just gorgeous Jenn, I love the chocolate cupcake. If you are into contests, try having a go at some of the weekly challenges, there are some listed on my blog. I find them great fun and they get me out of a rut x

samgirl said...

great cards Jenn!! :) looking forward to seeing more - I'll be back!

(nice to 'see' a fellow aussie)!

michelle said...

Awesome cards Jenn you really should try some of the challenges Enfy's talks about she is right makes you think outside your comfort zone she got me doing them !! so much fun !!