Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ooooh! Presents!

Hello hello,

Dan and Hannah came home today, I was soo excited to see my hubby and bubby :) All mothers would appreciate this- there are times when you wish for the pre-children silence but as so as it is silent something is missing. Thats how I've felt this weekend, Ive enjoyed my time alone but I have been lonely! So they are back- Hannah looks like she has grown a 5 cm and has about 20 new words (all in 3 days!) I've missed her sooo much I cant put it into words. And my Dear Dan, always looking out for my addiction to card making..hehehe...Look what he bought me! TWO PAPER RACKS!! I have (until now) kept my paper just in a pile on a shelf, the edges were starting to curl and ruin. But now I have these beautiful rack to put my paper in! THANK YOU HONEY!!
...still waiting to take pics of the cards I made over the weekend, spent all my time tonight putting the paper in racks...
Oh- and a quick shout out to the lovely ladies Enfys and Michelle for your words or encouragement :) Thank you ladies, you (and of course the paper racks!) made my day :)


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