Sunday, April 27, 2008

Puller Cards!

Hello Hello,
A couple of ladies over on the circut message board were asking me about instructions on my puller cards.
So I have added a tutorial! I dont have a video camera or webcam, they are all still shots so bare with me! (some of them might be blurry! hehe)
ANY questions OR if my ramblings dont make sense leave me a comment and I will gladly get back to you.

I have posted a couple of the cards I have made for inspriation and I would love to see any creations made so post a photo in the comments sections!
Good luck to all in making your cards...and reading my instructions! hehe

Jenn x


Lynn said...

GIRL! Your cards a just fabulous!! I added you to my blog!

Lana said...

I am so honoured that someone as talented as you left me such a compliment on my blog and wanted to add mine to yours! Well vice versa You are added on mine.
Beautiful cards and excellent instructions
Lana x

Lana said...

Jenn, I just popped over to see if you had posted anything new and noticed your new blog pic!!! How very creative and funky!
Lana x