Sunday, April 27, 2008

Puller Card Tutorial- Part One

1/Fold a piece of A5 card in half and measure up a piece of paper to fit over the front of your card. (For this tutorial I have used spare paper i hardly use -ORANGE! yuck! hehe) You can leave any size border around the edge to show the card underneath, just remember that the end of window does sit quite close to the edge of your paper so you be careful it doesnt rip!

2/ Now to cut your window! This is actually really simple so I'll try and make the instructions as simple as possible too :)
  • Measure in from the right hand edge of your paper 1&1/2 inches, and also 1&1/2 inches from the bottom of the paper. This will be the bottom right hand corner of your "window"
  • From this point measure 4 inches along to the left (this is the length of your "window") and draw a line
  • From the end of this line, measure up 3/4 inches and make a mark. Now join the mark with the line you have just drawn. You should have something that looks like a odd shaped "L"
  • From the other end of your 4 inch line repeat step C. You will now have a squarish "U" shape.
  • Join the two smaller edges with another 4 inch line across the top. You should now have your rectangle shape marked out!
Now using a ruler and a craft knift carefully cut around the edges of your rectangle- This will leave you, your "window". (In the photo I have placed the orange paper on the white card so the window is easy to see. Dont stick the paper to the card yet!)
3/ Now to cut your "backer" piece. Simply cut a rectangle piece measuring approx 6 inches long by 1&1/2 inches wide. This paper will be a different colour to your main piece of paper, but remember it will be the same paper as that used for the tag, so that they blend. On the back of your paper place you "backer" piece over the window, but do not stick it down. Turn your paper over and you will see the "backer" piece through the window, at this point make sure that it fits. (sorry this photo is a little blurry)

...See Tutorial Part Two..

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