Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another card for my DCWV collection!

I told you that I got the DCWV- Retro paper pack and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And so I have been working on my 'collection' of cards using the paper from the pack.
I also purchased some buttons and flowers recently so wanted to get in and use them to!
They are georgous. I didnt really have anything in mind when I made these cards...maybe a mothers day card and a funky birthday card?

The blue one turned out awesome I think! I was actually going to make it more feminine with ribbon and flowers and I was pulling out some buttons (for the centres) and just put them on the card to see which one would look best with the flowers and I put them down TOTALLY ACCIDENTLY in this pattern. I loved it! So I scrapped the flower idea and just glued down the buttons where they were!

what do you think?
LEAVE COMMENTS PEOPLE! :) I wanna hear from you guys! :):):)



hugh*jackman said...


I am a 17 year old girl from Canada, and I absoultly love your cards... I have a friend that loves to make cards as well but she has a ton of things, a whole room full of stuff.... If possible, I would love to see more pictures of cards that you have made.... Thanks, Amanda

Lynn said...

Fabulous cards!

Lynn said...

I have awarded your blog! Come check out my blog to pick it up!

Lana said...

I always admire your work on the cricut site!
I love these cards you have done using DCWV papers!!! Buttons look gorgeous
Lana x
feel free to drop by mine too x