Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ive got my mojo back!

Hello all,

Its been such a long time since Ive actually created a card but I have been inspired to get back into it!

Here are a couple of cards I made tonight (hubby watched the kids for a couple of hours so I had complete 'alone' time and with my glass of wine and meditation music my creative juices started to flow.

Isnt it funny how you have tools for ages and you get so used to them sitting there that you kind of forget what great things they can be used for!
I've had some creative memories circle/oval cutting tools for close to 6 years now,they were one of my very first tools I bought and I have NEVER used them to make a circle card! How silly is that!

SO - like a bolt out of the blue tonight it struck me! And once I started I was hooked. I have a million more ideas flowing in my brain now!

Purple Card- I cut the card, stamped with versa watermark on the background, stamped and coloured the sheep herd, and used liquid applique on as their wool (LOVE how this came up!) I then thought it needed a bit more so swirled a little with some watercolour pencils and blended. Mounted the two circles together and doodled around the edges. It still wasnt right so I addedd this fibre around the edge.I masked the image of the sheep and stamped the verse inside the card.

Blue & Green Card- This was the first one I did (its actually smaller than I was planning), I cut the background with the DCWV Retro paper I love. I then searched and searched for some matching solid colour paper. I stamped on the smaller cricle. I wanted to try that faux stiching that I see around so (i dont have a paper piercer so I used a bulletin pin) I punched the tiny holes around the edge of the circle and used a white gel pen to fill in the spaces. It looked great for about 10 seconds and then the white just faded! (must be an 'el cheapo pen!) so I scrapped that idea and added the flowers and the extra brads. and to finish it off I addedd the rope!

What do you think?

Missed you all- thanks for hanging in there :)

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Enfys said...

These are great, I love the liquid applique when it is used for animals, the circle looks good too.