Monday, August 25, 2008

okay- just one more!

OK...its time for sure to go to bed.
You can always tell when 'that' times comes when your creativness starts to umm...dwindle.
I had big plans for this card, I was excited, had the perfect colours, and perfect ribbon and ahem..well as I was 'creating' I guess I was falling asleep because;
1/ I used the wrong yellow!
2/ I completely forgot about the ribbon I had and used red rope instead
3/ I punched (NOT inline) with my hole punch instead of my paperpiercer for the rope to thread through the top!

...okay so I dont think it turned out too bad right? I always think when I make a card like this one that even if I dont really like it. Some one will! :):):)

yeah so umm...ME. BED. SLEEP. NOW!



Lynn said...

Love it! I wish I had your knack for cards! Love your designs! Hugs! ~Lynn

Kim G said...

Hey Jenn! So glad you liked the card I just posted! you'll see why - keep your eyes on your mail box! LOL

I LOVE this card you posted! Your stuff is amazing!!! You so need to join up! You're just so talented!