Monday, August 25, 2008

Once again- Midnight Crafting..

Hello all!

I made another box (I love these!). I made this one with my 6year old step daughter in mind. I wanted to include pink, glitter, flowers and butterflys. Im not sure how I feel about the harshness of the black. Maybe its too much? Its one of those pieces which doesnt quite sit right with me yet.

Stampin Up! cardstock- Pixie Pink/Orchid Opulance
Stampin Up! stamp sets- Celebrate Everything/Short & Sweet
Stampin UP! Punch- scallop punch, 1 3/4" punch
General- Giant brad, rub ons, black dimensional magic, pink kindy glitz.

I seriously need to sleep! But I just cant stop playing with my new Stampin Up! stuff!!! And my list for my next order just keeps getting bigger and bigger! :)
Hope you like!

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Lynn said...

This is so dainty and pretty! I need to visit and do some midnight crafting! I love to craft late at night when everyone is fast asleep!!