Monday, August 18, 2008

Stampin Up!

I am trialling some of Stampin Up!'s products as I am looking to become a demonstrator. So I have been playing hard for the last week trying to start on collection of cards to showcase and basically just to see if I am good enough to become a demonstrator.

SO..your feedback would really be appreciated as it will help me make up my mind! :)

Also...if anyone out there is from the BRISBANE (Australia) are let me know. I was thinking that I would love to maybe get together a club/group meeting to share ideas etc as there arent any on the bayside of town (that I have found anyway!).

What do you think?

OH- and does anyone have any tips on how to stop the 'blotching' when inking your stamps? The smaller stamps are fine but the bigger stamps all seem to come out blotchy..can anyone help? I couldnt find anything in the 'tips and tricks' booklet.


Mara Zeitspieler said...

Beautiful work!

Kim said...

Hey Jenn! LOVE Them! You've done an awesome job! You'll make an awesome demo!

As for the "blotching", I assume you aren't using SU Whisper White cardstock! Can't remember if you ordered any! LOL Anyway, get some (I'll send you a sample) and it'll make the world of difference as it's super smooth and is designed for stamping onto, also if you "condition" your stamps a bit, by giving them a good rub on your SU ink pad or with an eraser, it'll help too.

Will get that cardstock in the mail for you tomorrow!