Saturday, October 18, 2008

lookey lookey here!

Hello hello!
I am still here and guess what! I got my new battery charger for my camera woohoo!...having said that I also found the old battery charger! hehe isnt that always the way!!

SO okay..I have heaps to share because I have been busy busy with my stamping.
I have wanted to try a pop up card for ages and could never find the pattern, well I did and here is my take on the card..


- Cut at 10.9cm x 28cm
- Score @ 2.6/7/9.5/14cm theb flip the card so the 14cm is still in the middle and score again at 2.6/7/9.5
- On the 14cm score line, cut a slit in along the score line measuring the width of your 'pop up' (this will change from card to card)
- Fold all your score lines
- On the 2.6cm end adhere double sided tape
- Cut your 'pop up' and slide it through your slit in the middle
- Turn your card over and adhere the bottom of your 'pop up' to ONE of the 2.6cm flaps.
- Fold this flap in towards the card and you'll see the 'pop up' move up through the card
- Take the other flap and line it up with the first (make sure it too is folded IN towards the card) and adhere together
(i always test it first before I take the backing tape of the second flap- this way you can test that you have lined them up correctly)
- Fold the card flat and pop it up a couple of times to make sure it moves smoothly
- Adhere your 'pop up' to the front of the card when it is flat.

This card will fit into a normal sized envelope so will post really easily.
Note- any back ground stamping/writing you want to do on the actually card base needs to be done before you ahere your pop up.

Hope you like..

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