Sunday, April 27, 2008

Puller Card Tutorial- Part Two

1/ Time to cut your tag! My tag usually measures 1&1/4 inches wide and 6 inches in length. (because you cut the end to shape the tag, you could add some more length to it depending on how long you want the part you pull, to be). Taper the end of your tag by cutting a corner off each side. Remember the paper you use for the tag will also be the same as the "backer" piece so that they blend.

2/ Cut your slit for the tag to slide through. (in the photo i have the backer piece behind the paper but its easier just to put it aside for the moment) To cut the slit measure approx 3/4inch from the middle of the end your "window"and make a small mark. I then line up the middle of the end of my tag to the mark and draw along the edge of the tag, going slightly past the end on either side, to get the length of the slit. Usually the length of the slit is around 1&1/2 inches.
This part is a little trial and error because if the slit is to wide then the tag sags and wont sit straight, if its too small then it wont slide in or out easily. Just test it and ammend the measurements to suit your tag :)

3/ The third photo is to show the slit/opening for the tag to go through.

4/ Slide your tag through! I run it in and out a couple of times to make sure it slides smoothly and doesnt catch. If it does catch you made need to widen the slit you've cut. If it sags, you may have cut the slit too wide (no need to start all over again- just cut a new tag to fit the opening!)
...see tutorial part three...

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