Thursday, August 21, 2008

Perfect Bow!

Now those of you who use ribbon on your cards/scrapbook pages know that we are all searching for that 'Perfect Bow' and the fool proof never fail way that we can re create that perfect bow in whatever ribbon/fibers you may have handy at the time...and we all know that more often than not the bow is not quite as Perfect as we had hoped.
Well- Im not making any claim to fame and I certainly dont have the 'fool proof, never fail way' to make a perfect bow everytime (in fact most of mine are just shockers!) but i guess that is what makes this one so special!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bow. And honestly I wanted to show those out there who (dicracefully like me) get frustrated and sook when the bow doesnt work, that every once in a while THEY DO WORK! :)

So hang in there all you bow tiers and never stop reaching for that allusive Perfect Bow! If you have a photo of your perfect bow I would love to see!
ciao for now....why is it that it always seems to be close to midnight when I get onto this thing!! One day I'll scrap or make a card during daylight hours! One day!!

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