Sunday, September 21, 2008

Card Box..

OKay so I posted the card at what time was it last night?...8.19pm (not so bad for me right?). The wedding is a 'wishing well' wedding where instead of buying presents the bride and groom just want money. So I was thinking- what do you do? Just chuck the money inside the card? Then I had an idea- I dusted off my cricut which Im sure is feeling quite rejected because its been neglected of late. And in the 'new arrival' cartridge there is a cut for a small enveleope. It fitted perfected! I LOVE THIS! I embossed with the cuttlebug and stuck the tinest bit of velcro to hold it closed. You could use this idea for gift cards as well :)

I love it when you stumble upon good ideas!...well I guess my creative juices were flowing because then I started to think that I would have to make an envelope for the card itself. And I was wondering how to protect the bow on the card and also how to make it look more like a proper gift instead of just a card with cash in it. Look what I came up with! I just measured the card I had made and added 2.5cm to each side. Cut and then scored along the 2cm and folded.
I actually attached the ribbon on the back with adhesive so that it would not move or fall off. And to make it all a little more special I just say some tissue in the bottom of the box and sat the card on top of it.
I have to say I am so TOTALLY happy with this creation :) I LOVE IT!
...surfice to say it was 3am before I got to bed!

What do you guys think?


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~JulieH~ said...

absolutely gorgeous and so creative!